31 Jan Casa Colectiva Seed Bank

SOL is excited to take the next step toward establishing a Seed Bank here in San Miguel. We will meet on February 4, at 4:30 PM, at Casa Colectiva to focus on development of the Seed Bank. We encourage anyone interested in becoming a seed saver to attend. We will review the growing commitments: the best methods for cleaning and saving seeds. We will determine how many and which varieties of seed each participant is willing to take responsibility for saving. Then we will develop a schedule for the best timing of seed exchanges. In this pilot effort, the participants will be responsible for growing out a certain number of varieties (3-5) for the members in the group. This means that if ten people participate, in return for growing out 3 varieties, they will have access to 30 different varieties at the end of the season!

The meeting will be conducted in both Spanish and English. There will be an opportunity to swap seeds among participating members.

Contact Pat Scott.

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